General Transcription Services

We specialize in all areas of transcription services, regardless of content, industry, and subject matter. General transcription is non-specialist content and subject matter, it has a broad range of subject matter as follows:

  • Interviews of 2 to 4+ people.

  • Focus groups, presentations, meetings, speeches.

  • Reference checks, often required at a fast turnaround. Our specialty is fast turnaround.

  • Research groups, that customers are conducting research from all around the country, and worldwide, that need transcribing.

  • Oral history, customers often have archives of recordings they want transcribed. They also conduct oral history interviews.

  • Copy typing, where our customers have a typed or handwritten transcript that needs re-typing, re-formatting, edited, proofread, etc.

  • Anything that can be written or spoken, we transcribe into a Microsoft Word document, in a professional and readable format.