Audio Transcription Pricing

Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS) is GST registered. Tax is zero rated for international customers. Our team of kaimahi at ATS work tirelessly to complete your transcription projects. We offer competitive pricing with great discounts.

We don’t do “cheap”. We believe 'price is what you pay' and 'value is what you get'. The proof is in the pudding, our customers say it all.

We charge per hour of our time for transcription, administration time for processing large volumes of recording where we are required to assess for quality in order to provide you with a fixed quote. It takes time. It is easier to send bulk files to one and the same location, rather than individual email links. We have an amazing new rate for our standard transcription. Our team work around the clock to meet your transcription needs.


$70 per hour of transcription time
General transcription - four (4) hours to transcribe one hour of clear audio and speech, intelligent verbatim, two people, standard format, general content, and non-urgent. Contact us for further information when placing your order.

$80 - 85 per hour - Medical, Legal, Specialist
This includes all manner of recordings that are used for hearings, court, investigations, disciplinary, etc. We charge per hour of our time for all work carried out. At our discretion, we will charge a fee for short dictations, reports, letters, etc. Specialist subject matter requires special care and attention, and it all takes time.
Add $10 per hour extra for URGENT transcription services.

$85 - $100 per hour - Te Reo Māori
Te Reo Māori is a specialized language in New Zealand. It requires skill, knowledge, and a lot of care and attention to the same. This applies also to bilingual - both reo Pākehā, and reo Māori where speakers often interchange between the two languages.
At our discretion, we charge $85 per hour of transcription time for mixed, and where there is a lot of reo throughout, and indeed, where there is reo only, the rate is $100 per hour. Add on $10 per hour for urgent transcription services. We have an amazing team who are on hand to handle your projects. We have an adequate level of te reo Māori to meet your needs, and have done so for over 10 years. We have worked with Māori for decades. The clearer the voices, and the quality of recordings - the better.

$85 - $100 per hour - Te Reo Samoan
An added service to ATS. Samoan is a specialized language (of Samoa). It requires skill, knowledge, and a lot of care and attention to the same. General translation of the same. We have an awesome kaimahi on the team who is fluent in te reo Samoan to assist with your transcription needs. We often transcribe interviews and focus groups containing upu Samoan. The clearer the voices, and the quality of recordings - the better.
Add $10 per hour for urgent Contact us for more information.

$85 per hour - After-hours and Weekends
If meeting your deadline requires us to work afterhours or weekends, we charge the above rate per hour of our time. Please let us know what your requirements are, and your expectations for turnaround. We are flexible and are experts at juggling. We are happy to off-set some of the cost with great discounts for sizeable volumes. Ask us.

$85 per hour - Urgent, fast-tracked transcription services/Weekends/Holidays
We provide urgent, fast-tracked transcription services. We receive a lot of urgent orders, some all at the same time. We are experts in juggling, and make it happen somehow! How did you do that?! Our customers really appreciate it. "Far out Lenna, that was so fast!!! Thanks so much. Thanks again for such speedy service!" This is what we do best. Often, we are working into the night until early hours in the morning, to complete your order. A grateful customer said: "That would be great. I’m happy to pay the urgent charges" - B.

Bulk Discounts
We are flexible. It is always our aim to assist our customers in every way possible to make their experience with ATS a memorable one, and one of absolute customer and product satisfaction. We discount at our discretion regardless of the size of your order. We provide tailor-made transcription services to suit your needs and budgetary requirements. All discounts are based on "here and now" volume, not "projected" volumes that may or may not occur in the future. Please talk to us about volume pricing.

ATS's Terms
We use Xero accounting software for all invoicing. Our terms are clear, 7 days upon receipt of invoice. We are flexible if your terms differ. Discuss with us if you have special requirements. Please provide all details and relevant information for Xero and USE your Xero invoice number as a reference when making payment.

$70 per hour If there are significant quality issues with the recordings sent to us, often customers request word-for-word proofreading services. We listen to the recording while following the transcript word for word. This is what will provide optimum (as far as that is possible) accuracy, given the quality of audio and speech, voice dynamics. It depends on customer needs and requirements. All transcripts otherwise are checked, timestamps checked, and spell-checked by transcribers, and then quality control by ATS. Word-for-word proofreading time is added into the time it takes to transcribe.