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ATS is a professional transcription service based in Whanganui, New Zealand. Established in 2009, GST registered.

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  • 100% Customer Service

  • 100% Team Work

  • 100% Deadlines Met

  • 100% Professionalism

  • 100% Confidential

  • 100% Value for Money

  • 100% Logging System

Transcription deadlines met - professionalism - confidentiality - value for money - excellent logging system - excellent communication. We exceed customer expectation over and over again, with high quality transcription services. We provide discounts like no other for small orders, one-off orders, and bulk orders. We specialise in transcribing the spoken and written word: professional, intelligent, and readable.

"Lenna, I just want to tell you how amazing and impressed I was to receive your work. It’s such a big difference to have the line breaks, punctuation and clarity when looking at what needs to happen next. It really helps set the standard for moving forward. Thank you for that!" ~ Zoe Sexton, Business Strategy and Marketing Communications

Fast Turnaround

Many of our clients are restricted by tight deadlines and require quick turnaround times. We are able to take advantage of the time difference between New Zealand and time zones in which our international customers are located to complete the projects, making certain that each transcription is completed within the clients’ schedule.

"Hi Lenna, you're a legend, your response time exceeded all expectations!"
~David, Regional Policy Adviser, Federated Farmers of New Zealand

Clients who have used ATS Services

Community Organizations - Governmental Departments - Educational Facilities - Business Executives and Administrators - Transcription Companies - PhD Students, Lecturers - Professors - Motor sporting industry - Accountancy firms - Business Strategist - Web Hosting Services - Law firms Book Publishers - Authors - Entrepreneurs - Hypnotist - CEOs - Hospitals - World Councils - Fishing Industry - Legal and Medical fraternity - Justice System - too many to name! Excellent transcription services at their very best.

Join As Transcriptionist

We transcribe a wide range of audio and video recording formats across the globe. If you are an experienced audio transcriptionist in English and other languages and able to translate, and would like to join the ATS team, contact us now.

Accurate: Ensuring precision in transcriptions.
Timely: Delivering transcripts promptly and on schedule.
Secure: Maintaining confidentiality and data security.