ATS consistently uphold our constant dedication to quality, maintaining an impeccable reputation built over the past 15 years as we deliver audio transcription services to clients globally. Our case studies serve as compelling evidence of the excellence of our services.

M & M Cribb Ltd, based locally in New Zealand, required transcription services to support their research projects over a number of years. Our focus as a professional transcription service was to engage in open and honest communication, meet deadlines, pay specific attention to te reo Māori content. We wanted to ensure that we were able to benefit our client and to exceed their expectations, and to assure them of the utmost professionalism and confidentiality at all times.

Client Testimonial

“As an emerging researcher and an independent contractor who provides research services, getting interviews transcribed is very much a luxury in our business, but one worth investing in. Being a customer of ATS eliminates a lot of the manual work in data analysis without compromising on quality. This allows me to spend more time in other important areas of my studies and enables a faster turnaround time for contracting. Over the years, ATS have improved their transcribing of te reo Māori and together with their knowledge of te ao Māori, I am confident in not having to do edits or continuous rechecking of work (unlike AI transcribing software). ATS have been instrumental in enabling me to stick to the timeline for my PhD, and I have, and continue to recommend ATS to other research colleagues needing transcription work”.

Highlights of ATS working with M & M Cribb Ltd

Finding the right service for a customer’s needs, is gold. When they considered it a luxury to have their interviews transcribed, we were grateful for the opportunity to satisfy and exceed customer expectations. Quality and confidentiality was of utmost importance throughout the entire process. Being able to leverage our customer’s time so they could concentrate on other important areas – again, is an amazing opportunity for us to take the load of them enabling them to enhance their business. Having a knowledge and experience of te ao Māori, and te reo Māori, was extremely important to our customer, as it was to us.

Zavést - is a leading New Zealand investigation firm with offices in the South and North Islands. Company required confidential transcription services to support their need for, often, very challenging work in terms of content. Our focus as a professional transcription service was to engage in open and honest communication, meet deadlines which at times were tight; and to pay special attention to detail. We wanted to ensure professionalism and confidentiality at all times.

Client Testimonial

“We have worked with ATS for several years. The work we ask ATS to do for us is often challenging and unpredictable, both in terms of content and consistency. Despite this, the work is always returned to us on time and is high quality. They are a pleasure to work with”.

Highlights of ATS working with Zavést

Working with Zavest has in fact honed our skills as a transcription service. Each customer has a different set of requirements, some often stretching us in areas that we are challenged – but glad of the opportunity. Being able to provide excellent transcription services, of a high quality, is very important to us, as it is for our customers. Detail was important, confidentiality, and high quality output of work, and at the same time meeting deadlines – at times at short notice. To receive feedback from Zavest was a reminder of why we are doing what we do best – transcribe. Having a knowledge of, and experience with, legal matter – made it a little easier to deliver an excellent product.

Thank you Zavest for engaging with ATS. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your colleagues. We look forward to a continued working relationship, wishing you success in all your endeavours.

ATS providing professional transcription services to a professional investigation company

ATS providing professional transcription services to a local research company